Trashcan update error - Vista

Some times when you open your trashcan and then empty it, it still looks like the files are in there even if they are gone. This happens very rarely. In fact, this is the first time it happens since I started this blog. I've been waiting since then to get a snapshot of it. As you can see in the screenshot, the trashcan icon indicates no files while the window still does. (Fully updated Windows Vista 32 home basic).

Tab groups suddenly disappear in Firefox.

One day, all of your tab groups and open tabs are gone. This has happened both to me and to my wife with two different computers.

Google Chrome prevents some other windows from opening.

Sometimes, some windows won't open until I close Chrome. This has happened for the film rendering window in Windows Movie Maker and also for Vista's default video import function. Observed on Vista Home Basic 32.

Wandering gadgets on Vista

If you disconnect a gadget from the Windows Sidebar, to place it anywhere on the desktop, it will in time wander further and further to the left. It's probably moved a couple of pixels when the computer is started. So after some time, they have moved soo far away that you manually have to move them back in place. I tried to report this bug in 2007 or 2008 with no success. I have observed it on different computers and different Vista versions. It's quite amazing that this bug has escaped Microsoft for so many years. Or maybe they consider it to be fixed - by developing Windows 7. :-/

Windows Update bug on Vista Home Basic 32

If you manually click on "Search for new updates" in Windows Update, and it finds new updates, and then you want to list the updates to be able to mark those you want to install - you can't see any updates. The list is empty as shown below:
If you restart the computer, the updates are shown in the list again.
If windows finds updates automatically, they are shown in the list. So it's only when you do it manually this bug happens. It has not always been like this so it could be a local problem on my computer. But I have run Microsoft's tool for checking System Update Readiness (KB947821), and the log says: No errors detected.
(Vista Home Basic 32 Swedish).

Windows 7: Text cursor bug

When using the mouse to place the text cursor with a click, the pointer is pointing in the wrong place - it's pointing a bit in left of the pointer. So when trying to set the cursor in right of a thin letter like an l or an i, the text cursor will be put in left of the letter instead. This bug does not appear on Vista so it was introduced with Windows 7. The bug is still present in Windows 7 SP1.

Firefox 4 reload frame based page bug (Fixed in Firefox 5!)

(Fixed in Firefox 5!)

Here is an example of this bug. This page with frames normally looks like this:

Now, press the reload button, and it will look something like:
Here are two pages to try with:
I have reported this bug, but I doubt that they will receive it.

Google Chrome - Spell checker bug

If you have more than one spell checking language installed, and you switch between them, all error markings from the previous selected language are still there, until you put the cursor on every word. That is quite irritating. I have reported this bug, but they have probably not read it.

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